The Whitney Condominium West Palm Beach ( 2 Bedroom Condo)

  • 2 Bedrooms 1224 SQ Ft

Available 2 Bedroom Rental at the all new Whitney Condo. Contact Distinctive Realty Group on 561-766-2195 for more info or to see this Condo. Today (B1 Floorplan) 1224 SQ Ft

  • Daragh McCaffrey
    Daragh McCaffrey Owner/Realtor
  • Kelly McCaffrey
    Kelly McCaffrey Real Estate Broker
    I have lived in the West Palm area for over 11 years and am very knowledgeable of the local real estate market. Kelly's Area of Real Estate Expertise: Residential buying and selling, annual and vacation rentals, investment properties, Short sales and Foreclosures’.